The Millennial Generation: which wines does this generation prefer?

You have probably heard of the Millennial Generation, but who are the people who make up this generation? According to the Fundéu RAE, the Millennial Generation or the so-called Y Generation refers to people “born in the last two decades of the 20th century or so”.

On the other hand, it is necessary to ask ourselves the following question: what is Generation Y looking for? Being a generation marked by technology and innovation, it is looking for:

  • Wines that can be bought on the Internet.
  • Wines with touches of fruit and youth.
  • Wines that reflect innovation.


As far as the consumption of Bodegas Alcardet products is concerned, the Millennials usually opt for these three products:

ALCARDET SAUVIGNON BLANC is characterised by tropical aromas, floral touches, balance and freshness, essential elements that make this wine one of the favourites of this young generation.

The range CON 8 BASTA (WHITE and ROSÉ) only needs 8 degrees to be a special wine. Brilliance, flowers and citrus fruits are the fundamental aspects that every millennial looks for, so it is not surprising that it is one of the most tasted ranges.

Of course, Bodegas Alcardet has an online sales space where you can make your purchase in a simple and intuitive way. Moreover, in our wineries, we are always committed to innovation, a fundamental basis for the creation of wines with charm and future prospects.

Author: Miriam Garrido Vallejo

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